Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's going on...

It's been a busy time, and I've neglected this space even as several interesting events have come and gone. Onward, to the future then! More amazing things are on the horizon:

If you're in New York City on September 28th, you really must head to the Kaufman Music Center and catch this performance by the Da Capo Chamber Players featuring the music of Chinary Ung. It features the premiere of "Singing Inside Aura, for amplified singing violist and chamber ensemble." This is a completely re-composed version of a recent work for viola solo and chamber orchestra.

Southern California/Baja: the Chamber Opera collaboration "Cuatro Corridos," which premiered in San Diego this past spring, will be presented in Tijuana on September 28th. It features Susan Narucki, soprano, Steven Schick, percussion, Aleck Karis, piano, and Pablo Gomez, guitar.

On October 4th, "Cuatro Corridos" will be played in Dallas. See more here.

Boston area friends, please make an effort to attend a portrait concert featuring my friend Curtis Hughes. Concert is September 29th at Boston Conservatory.

Apparently Lisa Cella still hasn't gotten tired of playing my piece "Ripples." Evidence? Well, she's playing October 4th in Milwaukee, as well as November 13th in San Diego, and November 16th in Atlanta. Lisa has recently recorded the piece, and I'm really looking forward to hearing how the work has developed since she's been playing it now for several months.

October 4th is shaping up to be a big night for New Music. The only excuse for not going to a concert that evening is if you happen to be going to bed early because you're running the St. George Marathon the next morning.

That weekend gets a head start at the Kennedy Center, where the National Symphony premieres a new multi-media work by Roger Reynolds based on the writings of George Washington. Performances are on Oct. 3-5. It's quite a remarkable project. Here's some recent press about the work.

This should keep us busy for a few weeks, at least.